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We pride ourselves on an exceptional club culture and welcoming atmosphere. Beginners and advanced are welcome and we’ll work with you to find your perfect training routine. Classes are conducted in a safe and supportive environment by our head instructors; brown and black belts.


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adults jiu-jitsu


Adult classes are open to all ages and skill levels. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art which utilisers body weight, grips and leverage to unbalance your opponent and ultimately achieve a controlling position or submission.

Proficient technique, cunning and guile will often allow a smaller person to overcome a larger, stronger opponent.

A typical class will involve a warm-up, followed by technical instruction, specific positional sparring or timed sparring rounds.

We cater for beginner to advanced levels with students from all walks of life aspiring to achieve their own personal training goals.

kids/teens jiu-jitsu

Especially well-suited as a youth martial art, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu provides a broad scope of techniques and movements that each child adopts only that which is effective for him/her without diminishing the effectiveness of their training. Every child is unique in their stature, learning ability and physical characteristics which encourages creativity and their own style.

Our youth program provides a structured, safe and supportive learning environment for children age 6+ with a focus on gaining basic self-defence skills, discipline and resilience. Classes are high energy and fast paced to ensure students remain focused and most of all, have fun.

The midday classes work perfectly for me, the team is supportive, they’ve become my mates
— Trent O'Sullivan

About Us

Our facility is located conveniently on Hoddle Street with free parking from 10am and public transport within close proximity. We conduct classes in a safe and supportive environment and have worked hard to build an exceptional training atmosphere and welcoming culture.